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My Experience with The Best Self Publishing Companies

Self publishing used to be a long, complicated and costly process for writers, but in 2019, nothing could be easier – and it’s become one of the fastest growing parts of the entire publishing industry in a pretty hard market. If you’re an author who has a manuscript ready for publication, there’s no better time to enter the self published market than right now. Before continuing this article, hop on over to Reedsy to learn about the best self publishing companies.

If you’re new to self publishing, it can seem like a confusing industry to enter – but it’s not as complicated you think, and self publication has a lot of benefits that make it a better idea than approaching a traditional publishing house with your manuscript. 

Here are some important facts and truths about self publishing companies for 2020.

Self Publishing Companies Make Things Easier

Self publishing companies used to mean that a printing company hands you a stack of books and sends you on your way – but today, self publishing allows authors to be a lot more involved when it comes to their work and how it’s published. 

Today, self publishing is easier through platforms like Amazon KDP – and writers who want to self publish have no excuse to say that it’s too complicated of a process anymore. 

Self Published Books Sell

Books that have been self published have just as much potential to sell (and sell well) as books that have sold through traditional publishers. In the end, it’s not publishers who buy books, but readers – and self publishing your work through one of the self publishing platforms in 2020 can give you instant access to your readers without any “middle men” in the way who control your work or when it sees the light. 

Self Publishing Companies Offer Better Return

Traditional publishers are known for wanting their cut of the slice – and even if your work sells well, you’re likely to only ever see a percentage of the royalties and no advance. Self publishing companies don’t take a large chunk of your money when your work gets published, which means that you as the author will have faster access to a larger part of the money when you get your work to sell. 

Self Published Books are Strong Competitors

Self published books are very strong competitors – and many self published books are listed on the same charts as traditionally published ones. This wasn’t the case ten years ago, and self publishing companies have opened up a whole new world for writers who might not have managed with traditional publishers – or feel that they want more control over their work than their publisher is giving them right now.

Self Publishing Companies Are Less Restrictive

Publishing contracts are imagined as every writer’s dream – but they very rarely are. Often, publishing contracts can tie you up in very rigid terms that specify when and where you’re allowed to sell your work – and sometimes they can even demand another book within a certain time space, and it’s never guaranteed that it will sell as well as the first. 

Self publishing companies offer writers more room, more freedom and more control while being much less restrictive about what you can and can’t do.

Self Publishing is on the Rise

Self publishing is a growing industry that’s on the rise. Every day, more voices add their work to the market, and more readers discover it through platforms like Amazon. These are markets that you would have missed out on if you had published through any other channels – and self publishing is estimated to grab an even bigger part of the publishing market share in the years to come. 

If you’re looking at self publishing your book, start preparing: 2020 might very well be the best year for self publishing yet.