Natalia Korolevska - the "Ukraine - Forward!" Party leader:
The Party aims to bring new leaders into politics,
who will change the quality of Ukrainian politics.
The ultimate goal of the Party is to build a new state:
a prosperous and independent Ukraine!


Ukraine-Forward - TV ad.

TV advertising with Ukraine-Forward! party leaders - Natalia Korolevska, Andriy Shevchenko and Ostap Stupka.

"New economy - new country" - book presentation

On August 17, 2012 a new book by Natalia Korolevska "New economy - new country" was presented at "Chitay-Gorod" book club in Kyiv. As the author pointed out during the presentation, the book explicates main points of her economic transformation plan.

Movie about Natalia Korolevska

Movie about the Ukraine Forward! Party leader Natalia Korolevska, her personal life and political career

Natalia Korolevska - "I have a dream" TV ad.

In "I have a dream" TV ad the "Ukraine - Forward!" party leader Natalia Korolevska shares her vision of Ukraine's future.