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Natalia Korolevska: Ukraine can export agricultural processing products for 6 billion dollars a year

July 25, 2012

Establishing a full cycle of agricultural production in Ukraine will substantially increase export of domestic products and create 300 000 jobs, the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party leader Natalia Korolevska said at a press conference in Vinnytsya after her visit to a major specialized fruits and berries processing plant “AGRANA Fruit Ukraine”.

Natalia Korolevska: “If we revive our processing industry,
we will revive rural Ukraine”

“Not only will a full cycle of agricultural production provide high-quality foods for Ukrainian domestic market, it will also substantially increase export and create 300 000 stable and highly paid jobs in rural areas. The government’s task is to facilitate growth of small and medium enterprises in agricultural processing. Today small farms account for 70% of total output, and they are growing more actively than others,” – Natalia Korolevska noticed.

To achieve it, in her opinion, small and medium farms should, firstly, be assisted by the state in laying out gardens and breeding. Secondly, farmers should be given subsidies and state guarantees for loans to buy technological equipment for agricultural processing. Thirdly, products which can replace import, as well as Ukrainian products overseas, should be promoted. “Export of berries, fruits and processed products – juices, jams, canned goods – can earn Ukraine as much as grain export does: about 6 billion USD a year,” - she stressed.

The “Ukraine – Forward!” Party leader is convinced that if we revive our processing industry, we will revive rural Ukraine. “One small enterprise that produces finished products accounts for 50 jobs, apart from seasonal employment in gardens. There can be 3 or 4 such enterprises in every district of the country, and on a country-wide scale hundreds of thousands of stable and highly paid jobs in rural areas will be created due to the promotion of agricultural processing,” – Natalia Korolevska concluded.

To your attention, the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party leader Natalia Korolevska is now on a working visit in Vinnytsya. The schedule involves opening a community liaison office of the Party, visiting a major juice and squash producer “AGRANA fruit Ukraine”, and presenting participants of the “People’s List”.

Reference. “AGRANA Fruit Ukraine”, LLC specializes in processing fruits and berries with a full cycle of production from growing and procurement of raw materials to processing and production of finished goods. The enterprise has been operating in Ukraine since 1997.