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Natalia Korolevska: The state has to set adequate procurement price for grain

July 18, 2012

Ukrainian farmers can lose up to 10 bln UAH if the state doesn’t increase procurement price for grain, the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party leader Natalia Korolevska stated during a briefing after her visit to the “Tsarevodarevka” farm in Zaporizhzhya region.

Natalia Korolevska: “The state has to set
an adequate procurement price right away”.

She pointed out that the cost price of grain this year was 1800-2000 UAH per ton, while the procurement price is within limits of 1500-1700 UAH per ton. “Therefore, production is running at a loss of 15-20%, and farmers lose 300-400 UAH per each ton. Besides, significant losses are projected due to weather conditions. Our farmers have never been in a greater need of state support,” – she stressed.

According to Natalia Korolevska, without state support farmers will lose altogether 10 bln UAH. “Such losses during this season mean that the next year is going to be a disaster. They will neither be able to sow, nor to harvest, nor to prepare for the year ahead,” – she said.

In opinion of the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party leader, the state has to set an adequate procurement price right away. “If the state doesn’t share the risks of farming with producers, if it doesn’t protect them – they will not survive such losses. On our part, our team is preparing a program of deregulation in rural areas. Our farmers are now busy doing paperwork rather than agricultural work because of extra-complicated reports,” - Natalia Korolevska emphasized.

Reference. The “Ukraine – Forward” Party leader is now on a working visit to Zaporizhzhya region. It involves visiting “Tsarevodarevka” farm and Melitopol grain elevator.