Natalia Korolevska - the "Ukraine - Forward!" Party leader:
The Party aims to bring new leaders into politics,
who will change the quality of Ukrainian politics.
The ultimate goal of the Party is to build a new state:
a prosperous and independent Ukraine!


More than 500 000 Ukrainians cast votes for “People’s List” candidates

July 20, 2012

About 550 000 Ukrainian citizens have cast their votes for the “People’s List” candidates, says Deputy Head of the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party Volodymyr Tkachenko. He explained the voting was taking place in all regions of Ukraine as well as at the Party website.

“We set up 650 portable booths throughout Ukraine so that anyone could support their candidates. More than 500 000 Ukrainians have cast their votes so far. 35 000 more have voted at the Party website. These results are preliminary; final results will be drawn up at the end of July, just before the Party Congress,” – he said.

Volodymyr Tkachenko reminded that the final decision about putting the most widely supported candidates on the Party list for elections to the Parliament will be taken by the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party Congress. At the same he pointed out that in some regions of Ukraine pro-government forces have been trying to sabotage the “People’s List” voting by using administrative resource. “An absurd court decision in Kharkiv banned us from setting up information booths. This is administrative resource use at its finest. Besides, more than half of our billboards in Luhansk were pasted over with blue paper. One of the owners of the advertising company responsible for the billboards is an advisor to Luhansk mayor, and the other one is a member of the Party of Regions and also a possible majoritary candidate to the Parliament from the party in power,” – he said.

As mentioned before, registration of applicants for participation in the “People’s List” started at the official “Ukraine – Forward!” Party website on June, 1. After an inner-party discussion 200 applicants out of 1000 were chosen as fit. An all-Ukrainian voting for the “People’s List” candidates is taking place in all regions from June, 12 till July, 27. Besides, one can vote for the candidates at the “People’s List” web page. The final decision as to who will represent the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party at the upcoming elections will be taken by the Party Congress.