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Kharkiv authorities continue putting pressure on “Ukraine – Forward!” volunteers

July 19, 2012

Having obtained an absurd court ban on setting up booths at information points of Natalia Korolevska’s “Ukraine – Forward!” Party, Kharkiv authorities continue using administrative resource and putting pressure on the Party volunteers.

Svitlana Naumenko: “Our lawyers are preparing
a petition to the Prosecutor’s office”

Deputy Head of the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party regional organization in Kharkiv Svitlana Naumenko says that unknown persons, who had introduced themselves as employees of Comintern District Administration and “Zhylcomservice” Public Utility Company, accompanied by a police officer, forcibly dismantled and seized the equipment of three information points near Malyshev Plant and “Metrostroiteley” metro station.

“Threatening the Party volunteers with physical violence, representatives of authorities and heavily built persons in uniform of “Zhylcomservice” Public Utility Company seized all equipment and forbade further setting up of information points, appealing to the court decision as the reason. The police officer was watching it without any concern,” – she told us.

According to Svitlana Naumeko, the volunteers applied to the Comintern district police station immediately, but the police refused to accept their application. “Presently the Party lawyers are preparing a petition to the Prosecutor’s office,” – she stressed.

As we mentioned earlier, on July, 13, following a lawsuit of the City Council, Kharkiv administrative court banned setting up information booths of the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party in the city streets. Rationalizing this decision, the court said that crowds of people near the “Ukraine – Forward!” booths “constitute a real threat to the safety of Kharkiv residents and guests during public events, irrelevant to the mayor’s order.” Earlier, on July, 7 mayor’s office employees Petro Volodymyrovych Romanchuk and Oleksi Vasylyovych Sled illegally dismantled and seized an information booth of the Party. The incident was filmed by the Party volunteers.