Natalia Korolevska - the "Ukraine - Forward!" Party leader:
The Party aims to bring new leaders into politics,
who will change the quality of Ukrainian politics.
The ultimate goal of the Party is to build a new state:
a prosperous and independent Ukraine!

Party Platform



10 priorities of the new economic plan


Ruling parties come and go, but the same politicians remain in power in Ukraine. For 20 years now the same persons have been fighting for access to budget resources, using political speculations and forgetting about real problems of real people.

Current economic model can’t secure decent living standards for the majority of our citizens. That’s why we aim to create a new economic model in Ukraine. The country can move forward only if the economy is revived. Building a new economy should become the national cause.
Our main goal is a decent and safe life for all Ukrainians, opportunities for everyone to fulfill themselves.

We have set three main aims:

1.    New quality of politics. It’s necessary to bring a new generation of leaders into politics, and to build an honest and efficient state, which will define development objectives, support strategic branches and guarantee high social standards.
2.    New economy. Only a modern economy, capable of competing on the global level, can secure highly paid jobs for Ukrainians and a high level of income for Ukrainian families. The average salary of 1000 Euros and the average pension of 500 Euros are realistic for Ukraine.
3.    New quality of life. Well-being of all citizens, high quality of their life, confidence in the future – these are the criteria we apply to evaluate the efficiency of our policy.

Our priorities

1.    Protection of domestic producers.

The state should protect domestic producers systematically and persistently.
Our objectives:
•    State incentives for industry modernization, technological re-equipment and introduction of advanced technologies.
•    Special conditions of crediting and taxation for enterprises which implement investment projects and create new jobs.
•    State support for export expansion of small and medium-sized producers as well as large ones; active protection of Ukrainian producers’ interests overseas; promotion of the “Made in Ukraine” brand.

2.    Better conditions for small and medium businesses.

Prosperous small and medium businesses back up stability of the state. Flexible and dynamic by nature, they soften economic fluctuations and provide employment for the middle class.
Our objectives:
•    Cut the bureaucratic apparatus as much as possible. Document flow should be kept and certificates should be issued in digitized form. “Fewer officials, more computers” is our principle.
•    Maximal simplification of the taxation system. Taxation should be a tool of development, not repressions.
•    Protection of property rights. We will eliminate all opportunities to use courts and law enforcement bodies to take away people’s property illegally.

3.    Revive high technology industry.

Only an innovative economy based on fundamental science, higher and professional education, industry and services, can bring Ukraine out of the economic dead end.
Our objectives:
•    State support of priority branches: information technologies, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, engineering industry, machine tool industry.
•    Create a network of industrial parks based on state universities.
•    Transfer high tech production from abroad to Ukraine.

4.    Create modern agriculture.

The food crisis is gathering pace around the world; the demand for food products is growing. We have everything we need to take advantage of this trend.
Our objectives:
•    Keep Ukrainian land under Ukraine’s control.
•    Easier access to financial resources for agricultural producers.
•    Stimulate introduction of modern production and processing technologies, develop agricultural and industrial complexes of advanced processing for small and medium-sized farms.

5.    Efficient infrastructure.

Implementation of infrastructure projects will create more jobs and raise domestic demand for Ukrainian-made goods.
Our objectives:
•    State investments into infrastructure, provided that resources usage is controlled strictly and resources are attracted on the basis of state-private partnership.
•    Build six-lane highways, which will connect all regional centers of Ukraine.
•    Implement construction projects of high-speed passenger railways “North-South” and “East-West”. This will raise labor mobility dramatically and facilitate integration of the country.

6.    Education and culture.

Success of a modern economy is measured not by amount of raw materials and production capacities, but by amount of highly educated professionals, their qualification and knowledge. The level of state development and the quality of life in the country are connected to cultural development directly.
Our objectives:
•    Develop a network of pre-school establishments as a key factor of giving children equal chances for the future.
•    With the participation of producers, revive technical and professional education according to the needs determined by development of Ukraine’s production potential.
•    A state program of life-long education, which will give opportunities to improve qualification and acquire new knowledge and skills as directed by changes at the labor market.
•    Create modern cultural centers in every district; develop museums and libraries; revive village clubs in order to provide access to cultural resources for citizens; digitize cultural heritage.

7.    High quality health care for everyone.

The nation’s health should be a priority of the future state policy of Ukraine. While preserving the existing health care system of Ukraine, we will form new principles of organizing health care.
Our objectives:
•    Shift the focus from hospitalizing to prevention. Based on preventive medicine, pay special attention to socially dangerous diseases (cardiovascular, oncologic, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis), introduce mandatory medical examinations.
•    Guarantee free health care for vulnerable social layers (children, disabled, retirees, unemployed). 
•    Drastically improve the quality of health care on basis of state-private partnership principles.

8.    Sports and fitness means a healthy nation.

We can’t revive the country without high quality and accessible sports and fitness infrastructure.
Our objectives:
•    Reduce alcohol, tobacco and drugs consumption by creating conditions for healthy life style.
•    Revive the fitness movement and the system of physical education for young schoolchildren.
•    Restore networks of sports schools and free sports clubs for children and young people.
•    Build health and fitness complexes in every district of the country.

9.    Social fairness.

Decent life includes a sense of security and protection, confidence in the future, healthy and affluent old age, and a variety of life choices.
Our objectives:
•    Double the average salaries and pensions.
•    Introduce a tax on operations with offshore companies.
•    Social responsibility of big businesses: the rich should pay more taxes than the poor.

10.    Raise living standards in regions.

Today finance and production capacities are concentrated in megalopolises, so it’s much more difficult for residents of small towns to get a highly paid job and high quality health care, and give a modern education to their children.
Our objectives:
•    Decentralize budgetary policy.
•    Register big enterprises at the locations of production capacities. Taxes should be paid where incomes are accumulated.
•    A state program of targeted development of small Ukrainian cities.

The “Ukraine – Forward!” Party leader                                                              Korolevska, Natalia Yuriivna