Natalia Korolevska - the "Ukraine - Forward!" Party leader:
The Party aims to bring new leaders into politics,
who will change the quality of Ukrainian politics.
The ultimate goal of the Party is to build a new state:
a prosperous and independent Ukraine!



“New economy – new country” project is an anti-crisis strategy for Ukraine, created by the Party of Natalia Korolevska “Ukraine – Forward!”
The project was widely discussed in all regions of Ukraine in April and May. Now a detailed plan of its implementation is going to be prepared during three months. Experts, economists, initiative groups and highly qualified specialists will be participating. The presentation is scheduled for September.
“New economy - new country” program will be fully supported by a package of bills. 15 of them have already been registered with the Parliament. 10 other initiatives are being worked out now. There will be 25 economic bills in the package all together. An economic wonder in Ukraine is possible!

We are building a country of opportunities for everyone.

We are going to build a strong, rich and independent Ukraine. The average salary of 1000 Euros and the average pension of 500 Euros are a real possibility in Ukraine. Here’s what the new Ukraine looks like:
•    It’s a country of opportunities, not repressions; a country, where every citizen enjoys freedom.
•    Economic development is steady. Modern ships, trains and planes are produced.
•    Everyone can start and manage his own business easily.
•    Each college or university graduate can find a job in his field of expertise and fulfill himself as a professional in his own country.
•    Labor, intelligence and talents of citizens are valued.
•    All citizens of Ukraine, all social groups and layers can work, earn a high salary and live decently, regardless of their residence.
We have set a goal – to make every single person’s life better. And so we will do.

The growth and employment model.

Ukraine has been implementing liberal reforms for 20 years now. As a result:
•    All assets ended up in the hands of several major financial and industrial groups.
•    High tech branches, where millions had been employed, are ruined.
•    Bureaucracy is running wild and preventing business development.
Current economy model can’t facilitate high living standards. We need a model of growth and employment, which will secure stable economic growth and employment rate increase throughout the country. The government’s role in economy should be enhanced. We need an honest and efficient state, which will accomplish the following:
•    Define economic priorities and support strategic industry branches – the drivers of development. Thus, new highly paid jobs will be created.
•    Relieve small and medium business entirely from the state’s interference and functionaries’ highhandedness; provide adequate competition and free market.
•    Secure tangible social guarantees instead of empty proclamations – due to economic development and fair distribution of national income.

Growth points of the new economy

We have collected the best world experiences, and we’re going to apply these experiences in Ukraine.
Growth points of Ukrainian economy:
•    Create a competitive, high tech industry. Each new job in such industry will automatically create 10 other ones in adjacent branches. Innovations are what the world is moved by nowadays. Using our intelligence, educational and scientific potential, we can turn innovations into a driving force of our country’s development.
•    Let small and medium business prosper. Global promotion of small and medium business should become a state priority. We will liberate entrepreneurs from the unbearable tax burden and excessive regulations which are “stifling” them. Due to huge potential of small and medium business we will develop domestic market and will be able to increase employment drastically.
•    Agriculture. In case of wise approach and targeted investments Ukrainian black soils can “feed the world”. Under the conditions of worsening food crisis Ukraine will become a key player in the global food market.

New economic priorities.

We favor an active stimulating role of the government in Ukraine’s economic development. The state’s economic policy priorities:
1.    Domestic market development; increase of demand due to increase of public welfare.
2.    Domestic producers support.
3.    Export support. We should export planes instead of ore, meat products instead of grain.
4.    Creation of high tech industry – from fundamental science to production and service; particularly, systems of industrial parks.
5.    Infrastructure projects – autobahns, high-speed passenger railways, metro, road interchanges. Infrastructure development is a powerful driver of employment and domestic demand.

The new economy will be built by a new generation of politicians.

To fulfill the potential possessed by Ukraine, a number of complex problems has to be solved:
•    Actual corruption tackling;
•    Bringing the economy out of shadow;
•    Honest, fair and independent court;
•    Stimulating, effective, not repressive tax system;
•    Total deregulation. We will replace functionaries with computers and thus will deprive them of any chance to take a bribe.
While the same people are taking turns in office, corruption is impossible to overcome. Current authorities, as well as their predecessors, impersonalize corruption and shadow economy.
Therefore, our objective is to bring new people, new leaders into politics. They are a new generation of politicians who will develop the country, not pocket its wealth; people who will deem it a personal challenge and a matter of honor to implement the plan of our country’s development.

We are going to build a country we will be proud of.

Ukraine will move forward!