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“Ukraine – Forward!”: “Carousels” organized at many polling stations throughout the country

October 28, 2012

Cases of direct bribing of voters are getting much more frequent at polling stations throughout Ukraine. Attempts to sneak ballots out of polling stations and take pictures of ballots in voting booths have become more widespread. Deputy Head of the “Ukraine – Forward!” Party Volodymyr Tkachenko informed that the Party representatives have registered about 3000 violations at polling stations as of 16:00, more than 770 of them being gross violations.

Particularly, one of the most blatant ways of falsification (a so-called “carousel”) has been registered in district 221 in Kyiv at polling station ¹800847. “A blue VAZ car is parked in the vicinity of the polling station. Students come up to it in turns, get ballot papers, go to the polling station, then come back to the car and hand in blank ballots. Many attempts to sneak ballots out of out polling stations have also been registered in districts 212 and 214,” – Volodymyr Tkachenko noted.

Besides, numerous attempts to take pictures of filled ballot papers and get inside voting booths in groups have been registered at polling station ¹ 141763, district 44, Donetsk region. Similar violations have been registered at polling stations of Luhansk, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions.

Besides, according to Mr Tkachenko, crowds of voters transported to polling stations and vote buying organized by one of the candidates have been noticed in Dnipropetrovsk and Luhansk regions.